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Rick Fiege

San Gabriel legal staff


Rick Fiege

Executive Business Manager

After being honorably discharged from the US Marine Corps, rick Fiege took the discipline and teamwork he had learned and formed his first company. Mr. Fiege started a customer follow-up system 30 years ago. We now know these as surveys but this was before that became the norm. This allowed an auto dealer, through customer feedback, to know where they needed to improve their business. From a modest beginning of one client Mr. Fiege grew this to the largest call center in the United States. After the successful growth of his new company he invented a new way to incorporate a showroom control model to augment the follow-up system.

After a spiritual awakening Mr. Fiege decided he no longer wanted to be associated with the auto business. This awakening led him to sell his business and evolve into bodhilia.  After a couple of years away from business, while growing into his awakening,  Mr. Fiege was recruited by the Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. to be their Executive Business Manager for the Senior Attorney,  Patricia Rodriguez.  This is a position he has handled perfectly for over a decade. His business acumen allowed him to  create streamlined and efficient accounting and client relation models that are easily repeatable.  With his Corporate growth experience he spearheaded growing the law firm into a multi-million dollar operation within the first two years.  He has remained true to his spiritual awakening and brought the care and love of that awakening to every aspect of his life including his professional work and his relationships with other individuals.   Mr. Fiege approaches every aspect of his life with one guiding principle; he believes in Loving Everything in life equally.

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