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Los Angeles, Pasadena, Burbank eviction attorney representation for landlords, tenants or rental owners. We are very experienced in all dimensions of tenant and landlord ownership law, and bring an intelligent, resourceful, and determined approach to your case. Call for a consultation for your tenant or landlord situation.


When you as the tenant are threatened with eviction and legal eviction proceedings on your rented or leased domicile by your landlord. Or when you as the landlord need expert attorney representation in lawfully evicting a tenant. When you are facing an unlawful detainer (eviction proceedings) action, there are legal steps to take and be guided by with a qualified, experienced attorney you can take. Or, if you need to take lawful eviction proceedings, we are here to make sure the case succeeds. Some cases include (see itemization below) what the plaintiff party must prove, restraining orders and temporary injunctions, and unlawful detainer actions.

1.     Litigation of Possession of Real Property & Unlawful Detainer In California – George 

a. KEY = The Plaintiff must prove three issues

 i. Defendant in possession

 ii. Defendant properly served with three day notice to quit

iii.  Plaintiff has a duly perfected security interest

b. Temporary Restraining Order – temporary stop to the sell of the house

c.  Preliminary Injunction – permanent restraint from selling the house the entire duration of the litigation

d.  Unlawful Detainer Action 

i. Complaint: Three elements: proper notice; still in possession; plaintiff has right to possess

ii. Answer – 5 days for homeowner; 10 days for renter

iii. Motion to consolidate with matter involving Title

iv. If judgment entered – motion to stay judgment until after Title matter decided – irreparable harm (for actually homeowner residing on premises)

v. Not granted – must appeal BC by law MUST be granted

vi. Wedgewood v. Brown-Wilson: Court reversed a trial court because Plaintiff failed to provide duly perfected title as mandated by CCP Section 1161 and a trustee’s deed upon sale is not prima facie evidence of a duly perfected title contrary to previous holdings in the appellate division. Riverside – not published so persuasive case law.

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