Andres Balarezo

San Gabriel legal staff

Andres Balarezo

Assistant Business Manager

Andres Balarezo was fortunate enough to be brought up by two educated parents who became entrepreneurs for their work. His mom, with a masters degree, taught him the value of working hard, but most importantly, working smart. Both his parents have owned multiple businesses, which helped him learn how to delegate work to the other employees, and at the time he was only 13 years old.

Leading by example, he was never content, he always strives to climb higher. In high school, on top of working with his parents, he would make up to $1000 a night organizing events. He decided to become a full time college student and worker at the same time. From 2009- 2010 he decided to work for the Census bureau as a numerator where he learned to work with all types of personalities.

At age 19 he decided to take his talents to the workers compensation field from 2011-2014 where he had to negotiate medical bills on behalf of doctors, pharmacies, MRI centers and spine institutions.

In the three years of working there he brought in over $1,000,000 dollars to the company & was top seven (7) in the entire company. He quickly got promoted to a hearing representative and would fearlessly settle bills in court against experienced attorneys who represented the top insurance companies.

Seeing how the world was changing him he decided to enter the work force full-time debt free and focus working with the Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. where he has managed the firm for the last five (5) years. He has handled positions from office manager duties, to paralegal, secretary, janitorial and some personal assistant work. No matter the task, he always get the job done. Rodriguez Law Group, Inc., considers itself lucky to have such a dedicated worker in Mr. Balarezo.