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Eric Rasmussen, Esq.

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San Gabriel CA attorney

Eric Rasmussen

Lead Managing Attorney


Eric was born to working class parents who taught him the value of honesty, integrity and work ethic. After receiving valedictorian in High School, Eric decided to attend University of California Santa Barbara. After graduating in four years Eric decided to start law school right away and attended La Verne College of Law in which he received his Juris Doctor degree in 2011. He completed his law degree in three years and immediately began representing ordinary people in personal injury matters as well as protecting homeowners against the banks.

“I never wanted to be a guy that represents big companies. I wanted to be someone who was a champion for the ‘little guy’. I wanted to be a David to the Goliath of corporate interests like insurance companies looking to short change people with legitimate claims.”

Eric has now been practicing for 6 years focusing primarily on personal injury matters and lender litigation defense issues.

Personal Injury: Eric has assisted clients with a variety of personal injury including those involving car wrecks, truck accidents, products liability, catastrophic injuries, and pedestrian accidents. Along with our entire firm, he provides compassionate, personalized legal services and aggressive advocacy on behalf of his clients.

Member of the State Bar of California

  • Admitted in Central, Eastern, and Northern Federal District

  • Admitted in Southern, Central, and Northern Bankruptcy Court La Vern College of Law – J.D.

  • University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) – B.A. in Philosophy



  • Acted as counsel for various tenants and landlords in issues and disputes concerning tenancy and lease agreements.

  • Have drafted various types of lease agreements and insurance agreements for landlords and residential property owners.

  • Have vast experience in successfully representing tenants, home-owners and landlords in unlawful detainer actions following foreclosures, negligence or any breach of the landlord-tenant lease agreement.

  • Successfully negotiated settlement agreements on behalf of tenants and homeowners facing unlawful detainer actions.

Business Litigation and Lender Litigation Defense

  • Successfully represented Individuals and entities in both state and federal courts, on various issues dealing with violations of Business and Professions Code provisions, fraud, quiet title, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing, negligence, and various other Civil Code violations.

  • Represented and defended major corporations and other business entities, in both state and federal court, in complex litigation matters involving breach of contract disputes and fraud regarding issues in real estate transactions and disbursement of insurance proceeds.

  • Represented individuals in suits against multi-billion dollar corporations and financial institutions in both state and federal court, for a variety of different issues resulting from misrepresentations, fraud, negligence, violations of finance lender laws, infliction of emotional distress and various other Civil Code violations.

Appellate Courts

  • Have vast experience in representing appellants in all of the Appellate District Court of Appeals of California (1st thru 6th).

  • Successfully brought and defended a variety of different appellate motions; filed Appellate Briefs concerning a variety of different complex legal issues.

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