Jairo Mendoza

San Gabriel paralegal

Jairo Mendoza

Senior Paralegal

Jairo Mendoza started working at the Rodriguez Law Group, late 2014 as a Personal Assistant to Patricia Rodriguez the firm’s Senior Attorney. After a year of excellent work Jairo was promoted in 2015 to become one of the firm’s Legal Secretary’s. It soon became apparent to the firms management that Jairo’s strengths for the firm were in processing critical legal documentation, and diligently getting this information to the attorneys in a timely fashion. This is a highly critical position at the law firm. The law firm management attribute this authentic work talent Jairo has to his ability in listening carefully and executing their instructions perfectly.

Jairo works very well with others and always like to lend a colleague a helping hand as needed. Jairo seems to learn all the positions quickly and effectively in a short period of time. His motivation to learn everything about how the law firm and legal system works gave him an opportunity to manage the law firm when he was offered a promotion to the position of Office Manager. In 2017, Jairo excelled to become a Paralegal and his current duties at the firm consists of the creation and submission of documentation as needed, creation, preparation, filing, and serving pleadings (briefs, lis pendens, case management conference statements, etc.).

Jairo is so versatile that he still assist as a secretary and office manager as needed by upper management. While assisting in that role, he creates letters, faxes, files, prints, copies, pays accounts payables, supervises staff, and many other important daily functions the firm could not do without. Jairo’s dedication and commitment to this law firm always shows in his commitment to perfect customer service for all our clients. Jairo considers it an honor work with Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. and Rodriguez Law Group, Inc., is honored to have his talents.