We’re Working Remotely to Strongly Represent Our Clients

The wildfire outbreak of the coronavirus covid-19 in the U.S. has brought attorneys into new responsibilities and perspectives. The need for legal representation does continue even during a pandemic.

First, of all, we join in the very heartfelt gratitude to and applause for the front line people who are directly 24/7 providing medical care to those stricken. This includes all the doctors, nurses, nurses’ aids, orderlies, janitor personnel, ambulance personnel and emergency medical technicians. Their bravery, sacrifice, and selflessness is inspiring. We also offer our gratitude to the drivers of our mass transit systems and the grocery store or drug store workers who come in to serve us for our food and sundries needs.

Here at Rodriguez Law Group, Inc, in San Gabriel, we’re working remotely from home as part of the shelter-in-place directives from the state government. That’s certainly a transition for us. Yet, we’re working hard every day to continue to serve our clients with the best possible defense and representation. Our pandemic response plan was put into effect very quickly and effectively.

Fortunately, the internet and phone services have not been interrupted by the outbreak, and we’re able to continue to conduct meetings by Zoom or phone. And, of course, most of our inquiries come in by phone. Our attorney responsibilities continue as fully as possible considering the conditions in southern California of the courts and normal legal proceedings.

Many lawyer firms in California are now fielding inquires from employers having to deal with employees who test positive for covid-19, or employees who fear contracting covid-19 at the work place. There is also long-term thinking among law firms on the catastrophic impact of the coronavirus on the economic well being of tens of millions in California, and across the nation.

Attorneys are predicting there will be an upwelling of contract litigation as the result of the health and economic fallout of the epidemic.

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