Trial Technique Training – Available to All Attorneys

Are you a great contractual attorney? Do you want to expand your practice to be a litigator? Are you a great litigator? Do you want to expand your practice to be a trial attorney? Are you seeking excellent trial attorney techniques?

If you want to be a great trial attorney then you need to be trained by the best trial attorney. As a veteran of litigation and trial techniques Ms. Rodriguez can help you in every aspect of your trial.

She has a proven record of trial experience and she wins. She ALSO helps her client’s get their cases settled with her excellent trial experience and techniques. She has been trained by the absolute best in trial litigation techniques.

Attending and graduating from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and competing on their nationally recognized trial program. She also attended and graduated from the Beasley School of Law with a Jurist Doctorate completing their number one trial program in the country. Additionally, she competed on the prestigious Temple Beasley School of Law number one trial team.

Training includes presentation such as where to stand during each examination during a trial, usage of demonstratives, usage of exhibits during opening and closing, how to use themes, how to create a case theory and anything else that helps to present your case in the most persuasive manner so that you can ensure a positive verdict.

Training includes substantive feedback on your the trial case theory, theme, the witnesses being called, the order in which you are going to call the witnesses, evidentiary and admissibility concerns, introduction of exhibits and anything else that helps your trial case be the strongest factual argument so that you can ensure a positive verdict.

Training includes witness preparation, trial preparation, jury selection, opening statements, direct examination, cross examination, closing arguments, many other suggested topics, and all other requested topics that will help your trial case be the most likely to ensure a positive verdict.

Ms. Rodriguez is available for trial litigation technique attorney training. She is available for group and one on one training. The price is $250+/hr (2 hour minimum).