The Time to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

When you’re in a serious accident, or have experienced a serious or semi-serious injury as the result of private or business negligence – then you’re faced with a lot of very worrisome questions over your situation. Injuries need expensive medical care, often long term. There are lost wages. There are the real factors of pain and suffering.

How do you get help for these financial conditions? Who is accountable for paying for these? What are my best legal options for pursuing financial compensation?

This is where a very experienced, expert personal injury attorney comes in — like our attorneys at Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. A seasoned attorney can soberly evaluate your case and make the determination of whether there are grounds for suing the parties involved.

It is wise to engage with an attorney soon after the incident. You do have two years from the date of the injury to file a claim, but always it is best to start looking at your prospects very soon. The parties involved need to be contacted, communicated with — including individuals and insurance companies.

Qualified attorneys help, guide and execute negotiations with the individuals or businesses in pursuit of the settlement that should be coming to you, or if necessary taking the case to trial.

Particularly in dealing with insurance companies in the aftermath of a car accident it is critical to obtain expert personal injury counsel. Insurance companies are not on your side. They are on their own side, and want to settle a case for the lowest amount possible. An insurance company representative usually gets involved, advocating for a settlement that favors the insurance company. On the other hand a talented attorney is solely protecting your interests and advocating for the best settlement for you. There are complications that may be associated with your case. Multiple drivers involved in an accident. The person who brought the injury to you was working on the job at the time. In this kind of case, there are multiple defendants and insurers that become involved in the case.

If you’re involved in a personal injury, alongside receiving the best medical care possible and seeing to certain affirs, please begin the process of talking to an expert personal injury attorney. Call us at Rodriguez Law Group, Inc.

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