The Current CA Statewide Public Health Order

*****Disclaimer: This is not legal advice and is for educational purposes only. This does not create an attorney-client privilege.

Just yesterday, on September 11, there were 4,107 newly recorded cases of COVID-19 in the state, bringing the total recorded number to 750,298 cases. There have also been 14,251 CA fatalities attributed to it. Though you probably are aware of how dire the situation has become, it might be a little less clear what the legal requirements in the state actually are right now. There seems to be a bit too much debate and too little clarity on what exactly is required of us to protect ourselves and each other right now. This blog post will focus on the most recent orders to CA residents, from the Order from the State Public Health Officer on August 28th.

The 8/28 Order includes a framework for reopening, called California`s Plan for Reducing COVID-19 and Adjusting Permitted Sector Activities to Keep Californians Healthy and Safe. This plan has a set of Tiers based on their epidemiologic profile, or essentially weighing the risks and burden of the activity, that will help guide reopening to minimize risk.

Going along with this, local health jurisdictions will be reopening certain sectors, and also closing them at their discretion, according to guidelines for their respective county`s tier. This health order also grants these local health jurisdictions to set more stringent measures, as the Local Health Officer decides what is necessary.

This state order supersedes the last one prior, from July 13th. With it, all CPHD guidance continues to comply statewide. What county you are in will play a large part in what exactly the policy and enforcement of COVID restrictions looks like. But the general guidelines that are being enforced include the following. Indoor gatherings should be minimized, and should be only 10 people or under. Masks should be worn by all employees and all patrons of establishments while in the premises. And businesses need to adopt enhanced measures to ensure sanitation.

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