State Bar Reviews and Comments from Rodriguez Law Group, Inc

Here at the Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. we have practiced in the area of Foreclosure Defense for over a decade. We are one of the longest running firms in this area of practice. Patricia Rodriguez, Esq., our Senior Attorney, has fought against Lenders, Attorneys, Judges and the State Bar for the benefit of the people. She is the best at what she does, but being the best sometimes comes with a certain pushback from the establishment; the same establishment that has caused over a dozen law firms in the last 10 years to get disbarred, sanctioned, and are forced out of the foreclosure defense business. Patricia is fighting the State Bar all the way to the California Supreme Court because she has done nothing wrong, except to stand up for the people she represents on a daily basis.

Just over the last two months, two of the largest Foreclosure Defense law firm’s RA and Associates and JT Legal Group exited Foreclosure Defense. It appears the cases are too litigation heavy and require more work than firms want to put into them. That’s not the case with Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. Here we evaluate each matter case by case and are not afraid to take on lengthy or heavy litigation matters, as we want to fight for you and your homeowner rights.

The dozens of Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. hidden YELP Reviews, the highlighted YELP reviews and our AVVO top star reviews, are clients who have used our services to satisfaction. We are by far the best at what we do in this field.

Do not fall victim to signing up with a law firm with no experience in this field of practice. You only have one chance to sue correctly. Don’t let a law firm charge you less than $1,500 a month and promise to have a lawsuit filed as its very unlikely they will keep their promise to you. If you are paying another law firm or any entity less than $1,500 a month, they are LIKELY only doing loan modification work on your behalf and not also suing/litigating.

Although we are fighting with the bar on whether or not it is ok for an attorney to charge fees for legal services while also assisting with a modification review; there is no question that it is illegal to take any advanced funds to JUST do a loan modification application on behalf of a borrower (See Senate Bill 94 “SB94”.) If any law firm or entity is asking you for loan modification documentations alone, you are probably being scammed.

ONLY sign a retainer with a law firm that is contracting to file a lawsuit on your behalf and who is going to record a Lis Pendens. Anything less and you are being misled. In our FREE SCREENING CALLS, we are happy to review anything you are currently doing to protect your home to see if it’s being done correctly…there are only a couple of options to save your home. Don’t let anyone mislead you. We offer completely free phone consultations and advise. Please give us a chance to help you save your home. We are in San Gabriel California, but we handle cases all throughout California.