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Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. Online Reputation and Reviews

As we are all aware online reputations matter. Here at Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. we take our reputation and online presence seriously. That is why currently we can be found on Facebook, Yelp, AVVO, and many other helpful sites.

Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. enjoys a five (5) star rating on Facebook. There are eleven (11) reviews on its Facebook page and ALL eleven (11) reviews are five (5) stars.

One Facebook review from a prior Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. client, Ms. Samuels, states, “Rodriguez Law group is A+ professional, if you are looking for representation, contact them. Thank you RZLG, you guys ROCK.” (See: Facebook).

Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. has a Yelp page. It maintains a four (4) star rating. This is despite Yelp having a an algorithm that does not recommend bona fide reviews and allows a small percentage of past clients to air their grievances on their forum without merit or real recourse from the Rodriguez Law Group, Inc.,

Of the thirteen (13) recommended reviews one (1) is a two (2) star review, (3) are one (1) star reviews and nine (9) reviews are five (5) star reviews.

A five star review from Shelley R. in San Bernardino, CA left on 11/28/2018 says, “Patricia has been a beacon of light in this dark time for us.  She took on our case with a kindness and compassion that I have never experienced with an attorney.  She was always there to answer questions and keep us informed on everything with our case.  Her honestly and advice has helped us navigate our difficult situation.  She has given us hope in rebuilding and moving forward.  We will be forever grateful for Patricia!”

Yelp’s inaccurate algorithm does not recommend thirty-four (34) reviews, of those reviews, thirty-three (33) of them are five star reviews. Jeff K. in Costa Mesa, CA left a 5.0 star rating on 12/1/2017 which also responded to Ms. Lawson’s review.

“I absolutely disagree with Ms. Lawson’s review of the Rodriguez Law Group.  When your property is days away from being sold through Foreclosure, you are already 12-24 months behind in your payments.  Whatever your circumstances may be, it is nearly impossible to come up with that much back payments, or even get approved for a Loan Modification.  And why did you wait until your house was almost sold out from under you and your family.  You should have contacted your lender and gotten help completing the Loan Mod paperwork, or contacted an attorney long before you got that deep in the foreclosure process.  Patricia did the job you hired her to do.  In your own words, she “promised” to “help” you save your house.  She didn’t “promise to save” your house.  She earned every penny, just like she has in my case.  And the funny thing is Ms. Lawson, according a property profile search, you no longer own a property.  I question how good your other attorney really is.

I too am a client of Patricia Rodriguez of the Rodriguez Law Group.  I’ve had the pleasure of working with Patricia for the past 5 years.  I’m not a big fan of Attorneys (or Doctors), but I’m making an exception with Patricia.  She is a dream to work with.

My problem started when the real estate industry was devastated in the crash of 2008/2009.  I am a Mortgage Broker, so when housing prices plummeted, so did my income.  I fell behind in my payments to my lender in 2012.  Patricia stepped in and stopped the foreclosure process.  She was able to cease the harassing phone calls and nasty written communication from my lender (a big stress reliever).  She filed numerous law suits against my lender and helped me submit multiple Loan Modification requests.

When my first loan modification was denied I was sent information on the numbers my lender used in that denial (which is required by law).  Being in the mortgage business myself, I was able to use those numbers to calculate my qualifying ratios.  My ratios were acceptable according to standard mortgage calculations, yet my lender still refused to change their decision even after numerous discussions with Patricia.  Her advice to continue submitting Loan Mod’s and hitting them with law suit after law suit has kept me in my property for 5 years.

Patricia and her staff have done amazing things to help my wife and I stay in our house.  We have had a monthly update phone call where she was positive and upbeat, listened to our concerns, and answered our questions .  She runs a great office and I highly recommend you utilize her services.” (See: Yelp).

Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. has a four and half (4.5) star review and an eight point six (8.6) rating on AVVO. Of twenty-seven (27) reviews twenty-five (25) are five (5) star reviews. Of the two non positive reviews left on AVVO one is the same as a non positive review left on Yelp. (See: Avvo).

This means out of seventy-two reviews (72) (some do repeat) sixty-seven (67) reviews are five (5) star reviews. Rodriguez Law Group, Inc., strives to always provide the best representation and solutions for all of our clients. With almost a decade of representation on matters ranging from foreclosure defense to criminal defense we satisfied over ninety-five (95%) of our clients and are proud of all we have accomplished on our client’s behalf.

It is with this tremendous reputation that we maintain an excellent ability to advocate on behalf of all of our clients. We encourage you to contact us today to become one of many satisfied client’s of Rodriguez Law Groups, Inc.

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