Proposition 21- CA Ballot Measures Series

*****Disclaimer: This is not legal advice and is for educational purposes only. This does not create an attorney-client privilege.

We are in another election year and it is (nearly past) time to start considering not only who you want to vote for as president and to represent you regionally, but also to start doing your research on the measures on the California State Ballot this year. Or alternatively, you can follow this series of blog posts to get a summary of what's at stake with each measure, who is in support of and opposed to it, and a progressive's guide on checking No or Yes.

Proposition 21 is a measure to allow local governments to establish rent control on properties that are at least 15 years old. Local limits would be permitted to differ from the statewide limit. The overall fiscal impact this proposition will have if passed is projected to be an overall reduction in state and local tax revenues in the tens of millions. However the exact number could be more or less, depending on the aggregated actions of various local communities.

A vote for YES on this proposition would mean that local jurisdictions can set their own rent control limits in their community. This change is so critical, because California is such a wealthy state and has some of the largest income gaps. For example, within the city of Los Angeles alone you will have billionaires and the destitute, and many who are homeless. So setting rent control standards based on our huge, wealthy economy means it becomes ever more expensive to live in this state. A vote for Yes would mean you are enabling local government to adjust rent control so that neighborhoods are not entirely gentrified.

Homelessness is a huge problem in the state already. To help combat this issue it is critical that you vote yes on Prop 21 and help families keep their homes! Big Real Estate has spent multimillions of dollars spreading misleading information, trying to make sure this proposition loses. Those in favor of a vote for no argue that the California already has among the strongest rent control and that this measure does not protect homeowners and tenants. But the reality is, if there weren't a housing crisis and cost prohibitive rent, there wouldn't be such a huge problem of unhoused folks. And tenants can only stand to benefit from having their rent controlled. WE advise you vote YES on Prop 21!

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