Patricia Rodriguez, Esq. Bar #270639

Ms. Rodriguez has, for a long time, stood by the People of California and prosecuted lender liability claims against large financial institutions. In doing so, she has always championed the underdog in a David and Goliath type match. Ms. Rodriguez loves to advocate on behalf of borrowers of all levels of income and while doing so, seeks to find every possible solution for them. In some past instances that has included a request for a modification while ongoing litigation was proceeding and in an effort to settle said litigation.

Unfortunately, those efforts in a few outlier cases, have led to a dispute with the State Bar of California. Given that the matter is currently on appeal with the Review Department the Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. and Patricia Rodriguez, Esq. can not publicly comment on the matter. If any further information is desired on this issue Ms. Rodriguez is available to discuss it privately upon request.

Despite any issues related to this matter Ms. Rodriguez remains active to practice law in the entire state of California. Additionally, Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. is currently staffed with an additional senior associate attorney and can add attorney(s) as needed. Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. has been and continues to represent borrowers against financial institutions in an effort to resolve their mortgage disputes.

Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. in addition to handling foreclosure defense matters also handles other real property disputes, landlord-tenant disputes for both landlords and tenants, as well as criminal, immigration, and family law (such as divorce and custody) matters.