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Our 5-Star Free Screening Call Process Explained

A wonderfully detailed Blog explaining how this 8-year perfectly applied Free Screening Process has helped thousands of homeowners and other clients rest easier and made to feel safe and sound at a time of high levels of stress. They bring Truth and Honesty to every Screening Call and its completely Free. What a beautiful gift.  Maybe it’s why Patricia Rodriguez’s Law Firm is considered the best in the industry.

Hello reader, we wanted to take a moment and provide you an understanding of the Free Screening Process we provide at the Rodriguez Law Group. It starts with understanding that our Senior Attorney, Patricia Rodriguez, is not only a brilliant legal treasure for people seeking legal assistance. With a decade of experience and over 1000 lawsuits, but she also has a Business Degree. The combination of those two talents helped her when deciding to start defend homeowners to save their homes. However, she needed to focus her attention directly on her clients cases so everything was done perfectly and not spending countless hours speaking to potential new clients. To allow her to focus her legal expertise on cases and not on lead management, and the time all that would take away from her job to her paying clients, she hired and trained a Business Manager with expert listening and communication skills. She had to find someone she could trust to listen and speak for her without providing any legal advice, but to educate the screener/distressed homeowner of all aspects of the pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, eviction, legal system, bankruptcy court system, loan modification process, any appeal processes, all TRO issues, and the list of things are countless. She found that person 8 years ago and that same person maintains the same position for this firm as the Business Manager, his name is Rick, you’ll speak to him if you need to discuss anything related to their law firm being retained to handle a wide variety of case law litigation legal work. He has spoken for Patricia on over 3000 Free Screenings and has been on every screening that all Distressed Homeowners must have with Patricia to complete the screening process so he has learned everything she says and does so it makes him an expert to speak on her behalf.

When you contact the law firm we will schedule you for a Free Screening call that can last 30 minutes to an hour, in some cases. During that call we will listen to everything regarding your legal situation while taking very detailed notes that we know Patricia will want to know to review the case and decide how she can assist you. I say “we” during our Free Screening call because there will be a dictating assistant and the Business Manager at the same time so we make sure we don’t miss any critical details during your case screening.

Once the Free Screening Call is completed in most cases, a thorough follow up email will be sent to the potential client caller detailing our conversation and instructions provided. From there a 3-Way Screening Call with the Senior Attorney, Patricia, will be set-up, also FREE. Prior to this call a detailed email is sent to Patricia detailing the screening call and all data collected, along with supporting documents and emails. Patricia will do a cursory review of the information and then have a detailed conversation with Rick regarding his lengthy conversation with the potential client in 10 minutes or less. These two people have worked synergistically for 8 years on over 3500 hundred of these screenings, which makes their skill set top notch in the industry. There is no better team handling and helping homeowners and other legally needy potential clients to listen, educate, and guide into the best legal choices for the legal needs than Patricia and Rick.

Once the screening process is completed at those two stages and the potential client decides to retainer our law firm to handle their legal needs we will enter into the “potential client retaining stage” where we will create a custom retainer for you and email to you with instructions for reviewing, initialing, signing and getting the completed retainer back to us. Then how to make your initial retainer payment and providing that proof to us. Once that is completed your case file will be opened usually within 1 to 2 hours. You will be provided instructions with options to get all and any pertinent documents to the law firm related to your case. In some cases, it is required for an In-Office appointment to be set up to drop off the documents directly to the attorney. The law firm can do these Free Screening Calls usually between the hours of 10:30 am and 7:30 pm and in some cases can do weekend calls in certain 911 cases.

Our law firm takes a very holistic approach to our cases and one thing we learned from watching many other law firms enter this field of practice and within a couple of years get back out or are forced out and its because lack of communication with their clients. At the Rodriguez Law Group and under the Senior Management expertise of Patricia Rodriguez we don’t let clients end their day without answers to their questions. It’s why most days we end our days by 8 pm so we can make sure all clients are handled by phone or email.

If our clients sleep well, then they can function better while allowing our team to defend their legal rights no matter what kind of legal assistance you need.

If you have any legal issues, feel free to reach out to the Rodriguez Law Group and experience this 5-Star Treatment for yourself.

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