Letter of Endorsement for Rodriquez Law Group, Inc.

Since 1971, I have spent my life in service to others as a doctor specializing in natural healing and natural medicine. I have been told what separates me from other doctors is my heartfelt compassion and concern for my patients. I may know a lot about health and healing, but my ability to convey love and kindness is what my patients say is most important to them.

When my x-wife, Carol Reid, had the need for a competent attorney concerning her foreclosure case, Ms. Patricia Rodriquez was highly recommended by Neil Garfield. As a student of the law, I have followed the wisdom of Mr. Garfield for years. I trust him and hence I trusted his referral.

From the moment I heard the voice of Ms. Rodriquez, I knew I had made the correct decision to hire her to help my x-wife. She was not only intelligent, articulate and an experienced attorney, she had compassion and concern in her words. She actually cared about my x-wife and her circumstances. In fact, everyone in her firm I spoke with had the same demeanor. They were kind, concerned and truly listened to me.

Ms. Rodriquez not only put her team on Carol’s case, she personally handled much of the strategy employed. She also gave Carol a discount on her fees relative to Carol’s income.

Carol and I knew no one would be able to prevent a foreclosure as the house was Carol’s deceased mother’s house and Carol had no standing, however, we thought it was worth a try to have a day in court as Carol paid all expenses on the house until she could no longer do so.

When Fannie Mae transferred the case to Federal Court, a legal trick many bank’s and others use to win their case, Ms. Rodriquez was there every step of the way.

Although Carol was eventually foreclosed on, because of Ms. Rodriquez and her firms efforts, Carol was allowed sufficient time to peacefully pack and move. She may have lost some money, but she did NOT lose her self-esteem or confidence. Ms. Rodriquez helped her in this regard, as well.

I would recommend The Rodriquez Law Firm to anyone seeking legal advice. Win or lose, you can NOT find a more compassionate, experienced, and caring law office anywhere. My x-wife and I were completely satisfied with the results of her case.


Dr. James Chappell

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