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Are you a great new attorney? Do you want to learn how to have a successful solo or small law practice? Are you a great attorney with limited business knowledge? Do you want to expand your business and marketing practices but need direction? Are you seeking excellent business practices?

If you want to have a great business then you need to be trained by those who have successfully owned their own businesses for over two decades between them. Ms. Rodriguez has had an incredible, well-established, law firm for almost the entire last decade. The Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. business manager had his own business for close to two decades before coming on board with Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. Ms. Rodriguez has owned and operated a million dollar plus small law firm successfully since 2010 in the San Gabriel Valley.

Ms. Rodriguez attended and graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. She also attended and graduated from the Beasley School of Law with a Jurist Doctorate completing their number one trial program in the country. Additionally, she competed on the prestigious Temple Beasley School of Law number one trial team.

She has been successful in helping hundreds of borrowers to save their homes. She has helped borrowers obtain loan modifications with principal reductions in the range of $80,000.00, $300,000.00, and most recently the firm has successfully negotiated a modification with principal reduction of $4,500,000.00. She has successfully litigated cases in which the matter resulted in a reduced pay-off by the first lien mortgage holder on her client’s property by $250,000.00.

Ms. Rodriguez has successfully represented tenant’s in unlawful detainer’s in which the their matters were dismissed against them. Specifically, Ms. Rodriguez has helped tenants and prior owners defend against unlawful detainer’s on the basis of improper service of the three day notice to quit.

Ms. Rodriguez’s and her team at Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. continuously month after month successfully help homeowner’s who have acted quickly and sought our professional help to STOP THEIR FORECLOSURE SALE. We pride ourselves at Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. in making it our business each and every month to make sure our client’s properties are not foreclosed upon. We are the best and most reliable in stopping pending foreclosure sales.

Ms. Rodriguez is available for business and marketing consultations. She is available for group and one on one training. The price is $250+/hr (2 hour minimum).

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Kevan G.

"If you need to save your home for any reason, "Rodriguez Law Group" is the one to call."


"A bleeding heart for people --- truly a lost characteristic in our society! Thanks again for all you do!"

Karen M.

"After our initial experience and assistance ended five years ago with Patricia Rodriguez, a very important document was needed for a loan. She provided the verification and letter as quickly as possible amid the COVID crisis restrictions. J & K Morris"

Jame S.

"Rodriguez Law group is A+ professional, if you are looking for representation, contact them��. Thank you RZLG, you guys ROCK�"


"Ms. Rodriguez treated me with respect and no condescension. I trust her judgment and advices."

Natasha R.

"I highly Recommend Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. They are dedicated and hardworking for their valued clients. Their crusade for justice is in the name of championing those who look for fairness in the law. They will fight on behalf of those they serve diligently. Top Quality Law Practice. 5 Stars Rating!"


"Teamwork combined with knowledge and skill defines this law group. Results oriented strategy produces results while keeping the client’s best interest the goal. I give them 5 stars."


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