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Guest Blog By Kevin Moore: How to Start Your Own Law Firm

***Disclaimer this is not legal advice but is instead provided educational purposes only. This does not create an attorney-client relationship and does not create an attorney-client privilege.

Starting a law firm is just like starting a new business. You have to be willing to face many possibilities, considerations, and risks before turning your dreams into reality. If you are a new lawyer, most people will discourage you from starting your own law firm due to a lack of experience. Yet, some are brave enough to proceed with their plans and succeed.

Signs That You Are Ready To Go Solo

Are you tired of having a boss? Or was it your plan to have your own law firm right from the start? Some work well as an employee, while others choose to be their own boss. Whatever your choice may be, here are three signs that will help you know that you are ready for private practice.

You are a Boss

Running a law firm carries a variety of difficulties. Still, if you believe in yourself and possess strong leadership skills, then you can prosper. Having strong leadership means you have the initiative to get things done without being reminded. Hence, if you are used to someone telling you what needs to be done, then putting up a law firm can be challenging. Although being a boss means you can manage your own time, it also means you have to work twice as hard. It would help if you had flexibility, discipline, and determination to accomplish all necessary tasks right on time. Doing your best will help your law firm stay in the long run.

You are Passionate Enough

For some, becoming a lawyer means making a difference in this cruel world we are living in. However, that passion for making a difference might be hard for a lawyer employee. This article does not imply that an employee cannot make any difference at all. What it means is that an employee and a boss might have contrasting ideas on how to make a difference. If you work for someone, you ought to do what that person wants you to do. This means your actions are limited, and you are not free enough to do things your way. With that said, your burning passion for making a difference by practicing your profession will drive you to persevere and succeed in having your law firm.

You are Willing to Face Risks and have the Necessary Resources

Just like in business, having the resources to start your law firm is not the only factor that needs to be taken care of. You need to be willing to face the risks that come with it as well. These risks can include failing in your profession or going out of business due to unforeseen circumstances. Preparing for those types of situations does not make you a pessimist; it is practical. On top of that, you need to have the necessary resources to be able to start. It’s not cheap nor expensive. However, it’s wise to think about it and plan to start your law firm thoroughly.

How to Start

Aside from the usual necessities like choosing a location, naming for your firm, and buying furniture, here are additional tips in starting your law firm:

Choose a Field

It is rare to find generic lawyers in the country nowadays. Most lawyers focus on a field they are best at, which fits their experience and expertise. Wherever you are in the US, you will find lawyers who specialize in a field of law. For example, there are San Diego Lawyers who specialize in personal injury claims, New York City lawyers who specialize in divorce cases, and the like. When choosing a field, it is best to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in the profession.

Construct a Business Plan

It would be best if you had a detailed business plan covering every aspect of starting your law firm. The business plan should include your mission, vision, goals, and objectives, including financial and marketing strategies. On top of that, it should be complete and should reflect all of your plans for the firm.

Make Connections

Since you are just starting, it is wise to build a network. That means you need to meet other lawyers in the area and make them your colleagues. Their referrals will produce future clients, which is a massive advantage for your firm. Moreover, you should be more visible in the neighborhood. Participate in charities, join community meetings, and take part in local organizations. This is essential for your firm’s growth and is a form of great advertising.

Establish a Website

Almost everyone is on the internet nowadays. As such, lawyers should keep up with technology. Finding an accessible lawyer is just one click away. Hence, you should put your firm on the internet for accessibility.


Starting your own law firm can be overwhelming. You have to go through all the possible nitty-gritty before you triumph. As a reminder, you should not look at it as a money-making trade (even if it is like having a business), but rather a justice-serving profession. Whatever field of law you choose, helping others (especially the less fortunate) achieve justice should be your number one goal.

Kevin Moore is a 23 year-old aspiring lawyer/attorney and freelance writer from Brooklyn, New York. He hopes to one day be an advocate for those who may feel 'voiceless' in society. When Kevin isn't working, studying or sleeping, he dabbles a little in photography for fun.

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