Updates CA Covid-19 Restrictions

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With the number of Covid-19 cases taking a sharp increase in the weeks since Halloween, California is putting a halt to the efforts to reopen. As of the data as current as yesterday, November 17, there are 1,047,789 positive (documented) cases in the state. Meaning, the actual number of cases will be even higher, as many people who have contracted can be asymptomatic and do not get tested, though they might be contagious. We are also at 18,360 deaths, in California alone.

With the flu season ramping up and entering ever more into the holiday season, we know that things are going to be ever more dangerous. We were showing some signs of progress over the summer, but the cold months and the holidays being used as an excuse for large gatherings make critical the need to enforce some stricter measures.

Governor Newsom warned, after passing our one million case mark and the seven day average in cases being larger than it has been in weeks, that a more drastic response would be needed. No county has been able to move to less restrictions on our tier system this past week because cases have been up consistently across the state.

Governor Newsom commented on his halting to the reopening attempts by saying, “California is experiencing the fastest increase in cases we have seen yet- faster than we experienced at the outset of the pandemic or even over this summer.”

Because of these severe upticks, the state is considering mandating a curfew. This has not been decided upon but is very much a possibility. As of now, 40 counties have been moved back a tier. 94% of the state`s population is in the states most restrictive tier.

This most restrictive tier is called the purple tier. We have a new limited stay at home order. The following are the current restrictions for that tier;

  • Masks are now mandatory whenever you are outside of your home, even outside. If you are in public, you must be wearing one.

  • All bars, breweries and distilleries that do not also serve food are ordered to be closed

  • Restaurants, wineries, places of worship, movie theaters, museums, and gyms have been mandated to be outdoors only. Or take out only, in the case of establishments serving food.

  • Even while operating outdoors, establishments are only allowed to be at half capacity.

  • Even outdoor gatherings are only permitted with a maximum of three households present. That is statewide. If you are in LA county, you are also restricted to 15 people total.

  • Personal care services can only provide services that don't necessitate the removal of a mask. They also cannot offer walk-in services, only by appointment.

These are the current restrictions. Be advised that if the situation continues to deteriorate, it is very likely a stay at home order similar to the one in March. Meaning, that only essential businesses will be allowed to remain operating on site.

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