Landlords: How You Can Respond to The Tenant Protection Act of 2019

As of January 1st, 2020, the newly passed The Tenant Protection Act of 2019 provides strong protections against unreasonable rent rate increases for tenants in all the towns and cities of California that weren’t already protected by local rent increase laws. The Tenant Act also protects by law tenants from being evicted from their rented unit if they’ve lived in it for 12 months unless “just cause” can be shown for the eviction.

In the landlord/tenant relationship, which is among the oldest defined legal relationships, there are, of course, two parties, each with their unit-responsibility, financial and legal interests. In the ideal relationship, both parties are satisfied. Tenants now have more rights and protections in the eyes of the law. However, landlords also have legal rights and protections that should be utilized in cases where the tenants have an unfair or unreasonable advantage in the relationship.

With The Tenant Protection Act in force, landlords now need to look at their legal options for increasing rents for tenants in compliance with the Act, or seeking a legal exception to the Act in increasing a rent for justifiable reasons.

Landlords also need to seriously look at their options for evictions of tenants who may be, for whatever reasons, poor performing renters.

There is also the matter of drawing up strong lease agreements in light of the new Tenant Act of 2019.

All of this means that you as a landlord should be talking soon to our tenant/landlord law expert attorney (and team) at Rodriguez Law Group, Inc.

Consider that our attorneys’ expertise and experience includes representing thousands of tenants. This means we’re very familiar with all the legal tactics and maneuvering to slow down or stop an eviction, or to fight a rent increase.

With this knowledge of all the strategies on the tenant’s side, we can extremely well represent landlords in their eviction or rent increase cases. We can speed up the process, acquire possession for you, and we may possibly attain a money damage judgment against nonpayment / difficult tenants.

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