Homeowners and Foreclosure in Coronavirus Times

Once again, we offer our deepest gratitude to all the front line responders throughout the country providing heroic medical care and even comforting last words with the dying when loved ones can’t be with them—a heartbreaking scene.

As of April 6 California Courts suspended certain eviction and foreclosure proceedings across the state. Yet that suspension does not apply to many homeowners who are experiencing foreclosure proceedings against them during the pandemic crisis.

NPR reports that “JP Morgan Chase, Citi, US Bank, Wells Fargo and a number of other credit unions and state banks committed to a 90-day forbearance on mortgage payments for homeowners who can provide evidence that they’ve been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Late payments would not be reported to credit rating agencies.”

However, if you can’t prove impact from covid-19, or your mortgage is held by another institution which may not be offering such forbearance, we recommend you call us soon to talk over your foreclosure situation.

Important to understand: this court ruling and other CA state directives does not eliminate a mortgage holder from initiating a foreclosure proceeding that could land with full impact on you now, during the pandemic conditions. And that is something that you as a homeowner need to be aware of, and on the lookout for.

Additionally, part of the courts’ order’s purpose is to give time for homeowners to gain unemployment insurance or other forms of financial aid during crisis times.

For those of you who are still facing foreclosure or the possibility of foreclosure during these times, please call us at Rodriguez Law Group, Inc., soon.

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