Commercial Real Estate and Disputes Between Landlords and Tenants

In this epochal era of covid-19 (which will go down in law history for many, many reasons) people owning commercial real estate property occupied by lease or rent tenants are facing serious drops in their income. Tenants are being severely challenged by the covid-19-required closing of business and the inability to be open for business to customers. Tenants are being hit hard financially and emotionally. And landlords, because tenants are being hit hard, are seeing lease income dry up, which affects them financially and emotionally. Both parties are suffering.

We all want to see the economy open up safely, and the dynamics of customer and shopkeeper and landlord restored.

However, the economy’s recovery – as evaluated by most health and economist experts and the general population – is a long ways off.

In the meantime, as an outcome of the coronavirus epidemic and otherwise, there are disputes that need to be resolved between tenants and landlords in commercial buildings. Attorneys are brought in for both sides, and a settlement may be worked out, or litigation is pursued in court toward restitution.

At Rodriquez Law Group, Inc., we represent either the landlord or tenant in commercial real estate disputes and suits. Our expertise is rooted in decades of experience (among our lawyer team) in commercial real estate law, always working strategically and aggressively to protect your rights as landlord or tenant and to further your case to the most desired outcome.

Litigation in commercial real estate is a very specialized pursuit in court, demanding a thorough knowledge of not only the law, but of the makeup and temperament of the courts themselves.

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