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San Gabriel Immigration & Nationality Attorneys

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San Gabriel Immigration Attorneys

Trusted Legal Representation By Experienced

San Gabriel Immigration Lawyers

US immigration law is complex, which is why you need an immigration attorney who can guide and advise you through the process.


Our immigration attorneys at Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. have the experience to guide you through the immigration system.

We handle immigration cases in California, and have years of experience in processing employment and family-based immigrant, and non-immigrant visas. As your advocates, we will treat your case like our own and work to get your case processed as quickly as possible.

We provide our immigration attorney representation throughout Southern California, including San Gabriel, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Westlake, Santa Barbara, and their surrounding areas.


Interested in how our immigration attorneys can help you? Contact us: 626-888-5206.

Family Visas

Work Visas

Spouse Visas

Student Visas

US Citizenship

Deportation Defense

DACA and undocumented citizens face unique challenges, especially when it comes to receiving financial aid.  Other struggles can include something many take for granted such as obtaining a driver's license or buying a car. Having reliable transportation is vital for many to provide for their families and driving without a license or insurance is incredibly risky and comes with serious consequences. 


Check out this guide that breaks down how non-U.S. citizens can not only get a driver’s license in certain states, but also how to buy a car and car insurance: (English) (Español)

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