Cesar Martinez

San Gabriel legal staff

Cesar Martinez

Office Manager

Cesar Martinez is a Legal Secretary. He provides support to the legal and business teams. He is responsible for the handling of all of the most important documents at the firm related to the cases. He is highly attentive to detail and has a low error rate. He regularly checks the mail, scans documents into the server/system, copies files, faxes documents, answer phones, interacts with the clients, and many other daily necessities of the firm.

He is very focused, likable and provides the highest level of professionalism in everything that he does. After graduating High School and attending Junior ROTC (under eighteen years old military school) he continued extending various services in the restaurant industry and in his spare time he would invest in his favorite hobby, which is working on cars and reselling them. Previous to joining Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. he enjoyed working as a waiter and a business owner himself. He has been a business owner for over eight years and has really enjoyed learning all the experiences he has from such a young age til now.


It is his hard work and devotion which have helped him become a greater asset to the law firm and the clients. Cesar has the same dedication and commitment as lead attorney Ms. Rodriguez and makes sure every case is treated as if it were the firm’s only case giving each case as much personal attention as possible.