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Alex Samerio

San Gabriel legal staff

Alex Samerio senior legal secretary

Alex Samerio

Senior Legal Secretary

Although Alex Samperio has come from a family in poverty, he has strived to change his family's circumstances and help them grow as well as his community. Watching his parents struggle financially motivated him to accomplish more with his education, work experience, and goals in an effort to better his life circumstances. He is dedicated and determined to getting the job done.


In high school, he always had good grades and attendance. He was a volunteer for a service club building his social and service skills. He is good with people and provides great service to Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. clients. After graduating high school he attended college full time. He has had several jobs while in college which have allowed him to work directly with customers. He continues to work while also maintaining his goals of furthering his education and ultimately a career in medical business.


Alex Samperio started working for the Rodriguez Law Group, Inc. in early 2020 as a personal assistant to the firm's chief executive attorney. Not long after starting as a personal assistant his work ethic, punctuality and attitude helped him earn a promotion to legal secretary. He has enjoyed that position and even been promoted to senior legal secretary. As a legal secretary his some of his duties consist of sorting, organizing, scanning, copying, and printing legal documents, receiving and sending emails, answering phone calls, and handling incoming and outgoing mail.

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